Fun Facts

Why Use a Travel Agent!

* As your Travel Agent, I have sources that you cannot access online. I have contacts at all of the major tour companies, vacation destinations, and hotel companies. Because of this, they are likely to locate special deals and discount packages that you would not be able to find by searching on your own.

* Convenient One-Stop Shopping ~ Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more.

* Something comes up and you need to cancel your trip? If you use me as your travel agent the only person you need to call is me. No stressing about confirmation numbers, emails, phone numbers. I conveniently store all your information so can make changes or cancellations with ease.

* Booking online and/or using search engines is almost always going to include less than what you will get when you book with me as your agent. Another way that vendors encourage travel agents to book their customers with them is by offering amenities. These amenities can be anything from a bottle of wine in your room or free breakfast to free room upgrades and special events or activities. Travel vendors tend to look for ways to give special treatment to people who have booked through an agency because they know that the best way to get an agent to recommend their product is to have one of our customers come back from their trip happy.

When researching cruises…. here’s a few great reasons why you should use a travel agent and not book direct through the cruise line.
First, when you’re speaking to a cruise line’s telemarketing center, you can be sure of one thing…The only cruise they’ll ever recommend is theirs whether or not it’s the right fit for you.  And all cruises are not created equal, but it’s the only option they can offer so you should ask yourself if they can really be your objective advocate.  Doubtful!  A career travel planner has no restrictions on what they can recommend–the entire palette of over 200 ships throughout the world is available to them. My first interest is learning what makes for a perfect vacation and once we know that we work on getting you the best deals on anything that floats. . . from discount cruises to the height of luxury cruising.

These are just a few reasons why using me as your travel agent can save you time and money and give you the personalized touches that will take your traveling to the next level. Planning a vacation shouldn’t be stressful it should be the start of a wonderful journey.