About Me

Vacations are about making memories & life experiences.  Let’s face it… all work and no play makes for NO fun.

At Sunny Dreams Travel, my goal is to find you the best deal I can & pass my incentives, upgrades and group rates on to you.  By being an independent affiliate of Avoya Travel, I’m able to do that.

I love being a Travel Agent. I wanted to do something that wouldn’t take away too much time from my family but rather enhance our life and our love for family time and making memories.

 Being a travel agent is great because I get to be the person who will help you forget about responsibilities and enjoy family or personal time that you so need and deserve. I love planning trips and I love getting the best deal I can so being a travel agent makes so much sense for me.

 My mission is simple ~ Travel smart and get the most value for your vacation dollars!

I’m not against search engines or doing your own research but there’s just one problem with that…. websites cannot distinguish between “cheap” and “best value”.

There is a major difference. I often see cheap fares presented or advertised.  On the surface it might look as simple as cost vs. cost. What a website cannot do is weigh up the consequences of that cheap fare and look at the price you might pay otherwise. Long layovers may be involved, certain restriction may apply. A website’s consideration is based on price alone. My consideration is based on how I can make sure that every cent of your money gives the maximum possible return.  I can customize your trip based on your needs and often for a savings whether it be monetary, room upgrades or saving you countless hours of time and computer research.

I’m looking forward to providing personalized service before, during and after your trip. Thanks for taking me on Vacation with you. Well not literally… rather I mean that I’m honored to be involved in your planning and will be available to you every step of the way.